CleanKing and Parity’s Partnership Grows

Parity asked CleanKing to help clean their Camberley premises, and we duly accepted!

Reality after leaving school for many young people with multiple disabilities is hard, especially for families who deal with 24/7 care responsibilities. It’s why parents and professionals started Parity’s services in 1991.

The charity’s mission is: excellence in services and support for people with multiple disabilities, their families and carers.

Parity provide the vital tools that people with multiple disabilities need to shape activities, build friendships and relationships, expand their horizons, address mental, emotional and physical health, contribute to their community – in fact, do what everyone else is doing.

Parity’s staff are trained and their services equipped so students can pursue a good quality of life.

CleanKing love our partnership with Parity and are delighted that this continues to grow!