The Brief

nDreams are a virtual reality games publisher and developer at the forefront of gaming innovation. Based on our doorstep in Farnborough, their focus is entirely on virtual reality. Combining state-of-the-art technology with creative excellence, they’ve developed award-winning immersive games and there’s so much more to come!

nDreams wanted a company to reflect the high-end environment and location they delivered to their visitors and staff. Sustainability was a key objective, ensuring that the supplier mirrored the environmental goals they were striving for.

nDreams had been suffering for over 12 months with zero audits, stock over ordering, a poorly managed team and no understanding of arrival/leaving times the cleaning team were doing. When calls were made and emails sent, they we often responded to in days… not minutes or hours!

The Solution

There were certainly some rapid improvements that needed to be made, but also some huge learning curves for nDreams with relation to water soluble chemicals, reducing water waste and eliminating plastics… completely.

CleanKing introduced a strict auditing process from day-one, this was structed to allow an audit with the client every calendar month to note comments that may need reviewing, additional work or indeed problem areas.

As in all our contracts, a time an attendance system was set up to allow for a clear snapshot of who was arriving and leaving on site. As the cleaning is done out of hours and on two separate floors, the cleaning team were often lone working, which allowed us to check in real-time that they had left the building safely. This increased standards and productivity immediately.

The ‘Comments Book’… such a simple thing was placed in the cleaning cupboard. This has become a heartwarming book at times where staff have thanked the team as well as advising of certain areas, events, etc. This small improvement has had a great effect.

The seismic shift was the introduction of many environmental and sustainable procedures, this included changing the chemicals from large cumbersome plastic containers to a small recyclable packet of water-soluble sachets, which reduced chemical and water waste drastically. We have managed to completely eradicate any plastic usage/recycling in this process – a massive step toward greater sustainability for nDreams’ goals and future carbon targets.

The Outcome

The biggest win in this relationship is the green credentials we have shown to advise our clients throughout the cleaning service – be it from the delivery of stock, the products delivered and the actual methods of cleaning.

nDreams offices are now monitored correctly, calls/email are actioned immediately, and the staff have been subtly educated regarding the impact on the environment we as businesses have. A “win win”!

Agreed KPIs

The cleaning and related services are managed to an agreed Service Level and appropriate Key Performance Indicators are constantly monitored to continuously improve the quality of the cleaning standards and levels of service. This guarantees a consistent high level of service and client satisfaction as well as providing real value for money.

CleanKing Training

On site staff are trained regularly, with particular focus on Health and Safety, environmental and security considerations. This contributes directly to reduced staff turnover, improved morale and greater staff engagement resulting in improved cleaning standards and service.

Flexible Workforce

All CleanKing staff have a professional, proactive and ‘can do’ attitude combined with a flexible approach to all client requirements. Emergencies and absences in an education environment are common and full cover is expected and always provided for all planned and unplanned absences as standard.