The Brief

Parity provide the vital tools that people with multiple disabilities need to shape activities, build friendships and relationships, expand their horizons, address mental, emotional and physical health, contribute to their community – in fact, do what everyone else is doing. Their staff are trained and services are equipped so students can pursue a good quality of life. The charity’s mission is: excellence in services and support for people with multiple disabilities, their families and carers. The loyal support of sponsors, donors and volunteers ensures that the students’ hard-won opportunities are never taken away.

Parity were having problems with their “in-house” cleaners who were saying they were doing the hours but the standards were not matching the time they had. Absence and holidays were a problem too, as the charity’s own teams and volunteers had to add the tiring daily cleans to their already exhausting daily roles.

Parity just wanted the simple process of their students leaving for the day and then coming back in the morning to a clean, hygienic and safe environment. That was the over riding goal.

The Solution

The solution was straightforward, to enable the onsite team to do the task with the right equipment and ensure that training was regular. A time and attendance system was installed and regular audits were carried out.

Upon induction, we were clear to the newly recruited team that their role was very important in the greater picture. The health of the students at Parity is of utmost importance and CleanKing ensure that all areas that are of high risk are fully cleaned and sanitised.

This was clear during COVID, as the key workers that Parity employ still needed to deliver the essential care that the students needed. Our success here was regular testing, ensuring PPE was always available, the right chemicals used and should for any reason absence happen, we would be there to cover.

As in all our contracts, a time an attendance system was set up to allow for a clear snapshot of who was arriving and leaving on site. As the cleaning is done out of hours the cleaning team were often lone working, which allowed us to check in real-time that they had left the building safely.

The Outcome

The solutions above have contributed to an excellent outcome, with very little issues. A truly great working relationship.

We understood the work that Parity does within the local community and reflected this in the contract price, which was greatly received. This was done purely based on the amazing work they do. The success in this contract is not just the service that we have delivered but the genuine warm relationship we have gained from working with such an amazing charity. We have fundraised at the same events together, especially recently at the Twilight Runway Challenge and plan to grow this relationship even more by directly fundraising for Parity in the future.

We look forward to this!

Agreed KPIs

The cleaning and related services are managed to an agreed Service Level and appropriate Key Performance Indicators are constantly monitored to continuously improve the quality of the cleaning standards and levels of service. This guarantees a consistent high level of service and client satisfaction as well as providing real value for money.

CleanKing Training

On site staff are trained regularly, with particular focus on Health and Safety, environmental and security considerations. This contributes directly to reduced staff turnover, improved morale and greater staff engagement resulting in improved cleaning standards and service.

Flexible Workforce

All CleanKing staff have a professional, proactive and ‘can do’ attitude combined with a flexible approach to all client requirements. Emergencies and absences in an education environment are common and full cover is expected and always provided for all planned and unplanned absences as standard.