Natural Instinct

The Brief

Natural Instinct are a company that are committed to providing all breeds and ages of dogs with a healthy raw diet of the highest quality. Their headquarters is just around the corner in Frimley and they focus entirely on raw food and treats.

Natural Instinct were looking for a company that could take the pressure off and have a premises that they could welcome all their staff and visitors too, including all their furry friends!

Natural Instinct had been suffering for a while with the cleaning company employing staff without the necessary training, or direction at all. A poorly managed team is not only frustrating but can cause an abundance of health and safety concerns.

The Solution

There were certainly some swift improvements that needed to be made, but also some learning curves for Natural Instinct with relation to water soluble chemicals, reducing water waste and eliminating plastics

CleanKing introduced two new members of staff to Natural Instinct with thorough and in-depth training being completed before going on site.

Ensuring the cleaners have a good understanding on machinery they are expected to use and knowledge about the variety of different products we use is paramount in ensuring a safe and effective clean is carried out.

As in all our contracts, a time and attendance system was set up to allow for a clear snapshot of who was arriving and leaving on site. As the cleaning is done out of hours, the team were often lone working, which allowed us to check in real-time that they had left the building safely. A quick scan of a code when they arrive and leave is all that is needed.

The ‘Comments Book’… such a simple idea but such an effective communication tool when work is being carried out, outside of normal hours. Simply placed in the cleaning cupboard, where staff have the ability to advise of certain areas, events, etc. Even lovely thank you messages too! This small improvement has had a great effect.

We have changed all their chemicals from large plastic containers to a small recyclable packet of water-soluble sachets, which reduced chemical and water waste drastically. We have managed to completely eradicate any plastic waste in this process – a massive step toward greater sustainability for Natural Instinct.

The Outcome

Natural Instinct’s Headquarters are now cleaned to a higher standard through thorough training to all staff, attendance is monitored correctly to suit out of hours working and they all have clear and concise communication in place, even when their paths may not cross for a day or two.

Agreed KPIs

The cleaning and related services are managed to an agreed Service Level and appropriate Key Performance Indicators are constantly monitored to continuously improve the quality of the cleaning standards and levels of service. This guarantees a consistent high level of service and client satisfaction as well as providing real value for money.

CleanKing Training

On site staff are trained regularly, with particular focus on Health and Safety, environmental and security considerations. This contributes directly to reduced staff turnover, improved morale and greater staff engagement resulting in improved cleaning standards and service.

Flexible Workforce

All CleanKing staff have a professional, proactive and ‘can do’ attitude combined with a flexible approach to all client requirements. Emergencies and absences in an education environment are common and full cover is expected and always provided for all planned and unplanned absences as standard.