CleanKing’s Impact on Hampshire FA Football Complexes

The Brief

The Brief...

The Hampshire Football Association (FA) manages several football complexes across Hampshire, which are vital for local matches, training, and community events. These facilities were struggling with inconsistent cleaning standards, unreliable service, and poor overall hygiene. To address these issues, Hampshire FA sought a cleaning service provider that could ensure high standards, reliability, and improved user satisfaction. After a competitive bidding process, CleanKing was awarded the contract due to their reputation for excellence and tailored solutions.

The Solution

Comprehensive Assessment

CleanKing began with a thorough assessment of each football complex to understand specific cleaning needs and identify areas for improvement. This process involved:

Site Inspections: Detailed evaluations of the current state of each facility.
Engagement: Gathering feedback from Hampshire FA management and facility users to tailor cleaning plans effectively.

Enhanced Cleaning Standards

To improve cleanliness and hygiene, CleanKing implemented the following:

Modern Cleaning Techniques: Introduction of advanced cleaning methods and equipment to ensure thorough cleaning.
High-Quality Cleaning Supplies: Use of appropriate, environmentally friendly, effective, and safe cleaning products.
Regular Deep Cleaning: Scheduled deep cleaning for high-traffic areas such as changing rooms, toilets, and communal spaces.

Reliable Service Delivery

To ensure reliability, CleanKing:

Fixed Cleaning Schedules: Developed cleaning schedules to cover all areas regularly.
Dedicated Cleaning Staff: Recruited a dedicated team, trained with each complex's specific needs.
Monitoring and Reporting: Implemented a system to track cleaning activities and promptly address any issues.

The Outcome

Improved Facility Standards

CleanKing's strategic approach led to a significant improvement in the cleanliness and hygiene of all Hampshire FA football complexes. The use of modern techniques and communication ensured a consistently high standard.

Enhanced Reliability
The introduction of fixed cleaning schedules and dedicated staff resulted in more reliable service. Facility managers and users experienced fewer disruptions and noted the consistent presence of cleaning staff, contributing to a well-maintained environment.

Increased Customer Satisfaction
The feedback from players, coaches, and visitors highlighted a noticeable improvement in the cleanliness and overall condition of the facilities. This enhanced environment improved user experience and bolstered the reputation of the Hampshire FA.

Environmental Sustainability
CleanKing's commitment to using eco-friendly cleaning products and energy-efficient equipment also added value by aligning with broader sustainability goals, reducing the environmental impact of the cleaning operations.

CleanKing's comprehensive and thorough approach significantly improved the cleaning services at Hampshire FA football complexes. By addressing previous challenges with solutions and maintaining high standards, CleanKing not only enhanced the cleanliness and reliability of the facilities but also increased overall customer satisfaction and contributed to environmental sustainability.

Agreed KPIs

The cleaning and related services are managed to an agreed Service Level and appropriate Key Performance Indicators are constantly monitored to continuously improve the quality of the cleaning standards and levels of service. This guarantees a consistent high level of service and client satisfaction as well as providing real value for money.

CleanKing Training

On site staff are trained regularly, with particular focus on Health and Safety, environmental and security considerations. This contributes directly to reduced staff turnover, improved morale and greater staff engagement resulting in improved cleaning standards and service.

Flexible Workforce

All CleanKing staff have a professional, proactive and ‘can do’ attitude combined with a flexible approach to all client requirements. Emergencies and absences in an education environment are common and full cover is expected and always provided for all planned and unplanned absences as standard.