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South Farnborough Junior School

Amazing news! CleanKing have been awarded the contract for cleaning services at a junior school right on our doorstep, South Farnborough Junior School.  We bonded immediately from the very first visit and are excited to grow this new partnership into a successful, safe and happy one for the pupils, staff and visitors of South Farnborough Junior School.  We’re “buzzing” to get started!

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Pay increase for employees

Over the past few months we have been actively advising our new and existing clients about the benefit of choosing to pay their cleaning teams the Real Living Wage.  Differentiating themselves between others in their industry and promoting a truly caring salary to their staff and contracted staff. A huge round of applause to our local clients Exclaimer and Aramark, and a massive Thank You! from our teams that support your services.  Become a Real Living Wage Employer, make a difference. 

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Changing chemicals to SoluClean

We have switched from using bulky plastic containers to store and carry our chemicals, to using water soluble, eco-friendly soluble sachets. This choice not only reduces carbon emissions during logistics but also storage, plastic usage and reducing water waste. A fabulous decision all-round!

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