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Restoring Terrazzo Flooring

We recently had a project in Basingstoke restoring some terrazzo flooring. The job was slightly harder than anticipated, as the floor levels were uneven meaning more polishing by hand was required than originally estimated.
The existing floor had low joints, meaning a machine couldn’t reach them so they were done by hand.

This was then followed up with an abrasive pad on a buffer, and wet polished using diamonds to a 400 grit finish.

We also polished all the edges by hand, and all the nosings by hand as the machine was difficult.

10nr holes had to be filled using a sand base, topped with black resin and chippings.
Deeper holes were filled with compacted sand and the top inch repaired.
You will see from the pictures, 2 nr holes behind the glass. The other picture shows it repaired and the sealed floor with the glass in place.

We then applied 3 nr coats of penetrating sealer. This requires at least 24 hours to dry to ensure the sealer has cured.
This was applied on all treads, risers and landings. The final part of the job was to apply polish, anti-slip tape and then a final buff.