Chemical cleaning products undoubtedly provide many benefits when it comes to quality and professional cleaning. But in recent years, there’s been a lot of talk across different industries about how to be more environmentally friendly – with the commercial and industrial cleaning sectors being no exception. 

It’s no secret that many cleaning products are a major cause for concern when it comes to their impact on the environment. Due to their plastic packaging, the emissions emitted from transporting them around the country and the amount of energy used to create the chemicals they contain. 

But, most importantly, because of the effects of the chemicals themselves. These chemicals can take a long time to break down. Resulting in all sorts of harmful outcomes in the process – such as polluting rivers or streams. 

And it’s not just the environment that cleaning chemicals can affect negatively. People are now more aware of the impact that these chemicals have on human health too. As they release potentially dangerous gases which can cause headaches, dizziness, rashes, wheezing and even lung damage if the right precautions are not taken. 

At CleanKing, we recognise that our work has an environmental impact. For both our commercial and industrial cleaning services, we use the power of water as a cleaning agent where possible. Which is not only better for the environment – but also for our cleaners and the people using the facilities we service.  

Steam cleaning

Without a chemical in sight, steam cleaningsimply and easily cleans away dirt using just a blast of steam combined with high temperatures (at least 180C to kill bacteria). And thanks to its low water consumption, steam cleaning is the most natural and environmentally-friendly method – which can be used to effortlessly and spotlessly clean a range of surfaces and areas including windows and mirrors, tile grouting, stainless steel, toilets, bathrooms and kitchens. 

Not only is it better for the environment to clean this way, but it also enables harder-to-reach areas to be accessed more easily. Enabling them to be cleaned thoroughly without the need for harsh cleaning agents. On top of this, since steam generation removes minerals from the water, it does not leave any limescale residues or streaks either. 

With this method, there’s also no need for time-consuming scrubbing as the steam easily lifts and dissolves stubborn dirt and grease using just two things: a professional steam cleaner and water. Ultimately saving time as well as money, since no additional cleaning products are required. 

Jet washing

High-pressured jet washing systems help to blast away stubborn grime, discolouration and any organic matter like moss – returning the surface back to its original condition without the need for any cleaning agents. Meaning potentially dangerous chemicals won’t be washed away with the dirt. 

Consisting of two to four high-pressure jets on a bar that rotates when water is flowing, pressure washers create a uniformed cleaning pattern and deliver great results – cleaning flat surfaces at a rapid rate. Making jet washingideal for use on a wide and varied range of external areas including paths, patios, car parks, shop fronts, stone walls, brickwork, wooden decking, fencing and roofs.

By using the latest high-power jet washing equipment, we can therefore reach a greater distance and apply more pressure to difficult to clean surfaces. 

Fit for the job

Although water is a fantastic cleaning agent for many jobs, it unfortunately can’t cut through everything. Sometimes only the help of a cleaning product will do. Luckily, more are being developed these days that are less harsh and better for the environment. 

But no matter what method is used for industrial or commercial cleaning, it is important that the job is undertaken by experts who understand how much pressure or what temperature to use – and when it’s time to get the cleaning products out. This will ensure the best results are delivered with as little impact on the environment and people as possible. 

To find out more about our services and how we can help fulfil your industrial or commercial cleaning needs, please get in touchtoday.