The perception of your company starts with your office’s appearance, which is why it’s vital that your work premises are kept clean, sanitary and safe at all times. Nobody wants to walk into an office and see dirty surfaces in the kitchen, documents all over the desks and less-than-appealing toilets.

However, having a clean working environment is not just about making a good impression; it also has a great impact on your internal team. After all, how can you expect your staff to work hard in an environment that is dirty and messy? A professional atmosphere shows staff that you’re serious about their wellbeing – and clients that you’re serious about the work you do as a business.

We take a look at three ways your staff will benefit from an office space that is tidy and sparkling clean… 

1. Improved mood

Most employees spend almost as much time (if not more) in the workplace than they do at home, so you want them to be comfortable. A clean, well-maintained working environment will help boost the mood of your staff and allow them to enjoy their work. Meaning they will be more likely to put a bigger effort in – as well as more hours if needed.

2. Better organisation

A disorderly, chaotic and unclean workspace can attribute to increased stress levels and tension amongst employees. Keeping the office orderly and removing distractions will make it easier for staff to remain focused and be more productive. This, in turn, will help lift morale and boost motivation.

Plus, a messy office can ultimately become a safety hazard if you’re not careful. For example, overflowing wastepaper baskets could present a fire risk, while staff could easily trip over empty boxes if they are left lying around. A neat and tidy space will, therefore, help to reduce the risk of accidents and make employees feel safe. 

3. Reduced sick days 

A clean and tidy office is not only a nicer place to work, but it is also a healthier and safer place to work. The most important areas to keep spotlessly clean are the kitchen area and toilets, which are particularly susceptible to harmful bacteria.

But office furniture and equipment also provide a breeding ground for germs, with the average keyboard harbouring up to 7,500 bacteria per swab – gross! These germs and bacteria can quickly aid the spread of illnesses around the office. And with sick days costing British employers billions every year, a clean office is good for staff as well as business!

Leave it to the professionals

Businesses often have a tendency to take office cleaning for granted; after all, it’s usually completed after everyone has gone home. But it is vital to have a proper routine in place to ensure the wellbeing of staff members.

This should be carried out by a professional company that specialises in office cleaning and understands what it takes to keep a workspace spotless. CleanKing has been providing office cleaners to a wide range of commercial premises across Hampshire and the South East for over two decades. As part of our flexible approach, we offer contracts ranging from a few hours per week to a dedicated, fully-managed multi-cleaner solution for larger premises or clients with very specific needs.

Our office cleaning services include emptying wastepaper baskets, polishing and dusting desks and surfaces, sanitising telephones and IT equipment and vacuuming carpets, upholstery and soft furnishings – as well as cleaning doors and door frames, walls and skirting boards, internal and external windows, toilets and kitchens (including appliances).

CleanKing offers a quality, comprehensive service at attractive rates. Contact us today to find out why you can rely on us to help keep your office(s) sparkling!