Investing in Quality for our Clients

At CleanKing, we pride ourselves on being more than just cleaners; we uniquely go the extra mile to ensure our clients are receiving the highest level of service. Your building initiates the impression a customer will hold of your company. For this reason, we have chosen our expert team to secure a lasting and positive impression that is received by customers.

With over 20 years’ experience and a plethora of clients, the CleanKing team have been providing schools with presentable education spaces and commercial buildings with professional environments to clients across the UK. With clients returning time and time again, we understand how important it is to consistently deliver projects on time and to a high standard.

Dedicated to Quality Assurance

Our work is not just about carrying out a cleaning service; we employ Quality Assurance Managers who ensure that the work carried out is completed by the appropriate staff and to the standards we adhere to. The role of Quality Assurance Managers is to oversee projects, solve any issues that may arise and acquire feedback from the clients. Similarly, they are in place to proactively listen and quickly react to the requests of clients; allowing more flexibility with services being carried out. Irrelevant of the size and visibility of the client, we recognised that the addition of management was immensely important to implement across our company to guarantee that standards are maintained across each job.

Building Trusted Relationships

Appreciating the importance of positive relationships with the clients we work with, such as Wagamamas, is what we believe builds the unique reassurance and trust customers will find when working with us. When initiating our relationship with Wagamama, we took the time to understand every detail that was required from CleanKing to fulfil the job in the most efficient way. Designating a Quality Assurance Manager to Wagamama enabled the staff to liaise with our management regularly and ensure that the standard of cleaning was consistent across all restaurants we were cleaning. This dedication transcends further in to the products used to carry out services; we changed the cleaning supplies normally used and equipped our staff with products approved by Wagamamas that corroborate with the current products used by the restaurant chain.

To CleanKing, excellent cleaning requires both exceptional, trained cleaning staff and a Quality Assurance Manager our clients can rely on. As our company grows, we are striving to continue investing in our clients to provide more than just a cleaning service. Our account management is in place to ensure all of our client’s requirements are met and to offer expertise across the range of services we provide; making it easy for you to make efficient, cost effective improvements to your company.