The success of a school is determined by a wide range of factors. Predominantly the quality of its teaching and things like attendance rates. But, also, the cleanliness of school classrooms and equipment. If one or more of these factors fall below satisfactory standards at any time – not just during an Ofsted inspection – this could be detrimental to the reputation and operation of the school. 


From gum under the tables, toilet paper on cubicle walls and food left on canteen tables: students aren’t always the tidiest or cleanest. And in a school, high traffic areas such as light switches and doorknobs could be touched by hundreds of dirty fingers every day. An efficient and effective school cleaning service is, therefore, vital. 


A better learning environment


There are many benefits to having a clean school. First and foremost, it will help to ensure the school is a place students (and teachers) enjoy coming to every day. Dirty environments negatively impact the learning of students and the overall classroom performance – while clean surroundings improve motivation and have been shown to boost grades. Students are also easily distracted, so you don’t want a messy classroom to be another reason to add to the list of excuses. 


As for the teachers, the school is their workplace – and just like you’d expect offices to be thoroughly cleaned, schools shouldn’t be any different. Substandard surroundings are likely to hinder them from doing their jobs properly, as is faulty equipment which has stopped working (due to a build-up of dust, for example). However, in a clean and healthy learning environment, they are more likely to be productive and interact well with students.


Improved safety


Safety is also of utmost importance in schools. Dirty classrooms may contain dangerous objects or large quantities of dust which could be harmful to both students’ and teachers’ health. School canteens and kitchen areas should also be deep cleaned on a regular basis to prevent carbon and grease build-up on appliances and surfaces. This involves anything from general cleaning and sanitation of kitchen appliances or equipment to structural cleaning, extraction cleaning, canopy and filter cleaning, and ductwork cleaning. These food preparation areas are particularly important to pay attention to as the risk of illness to teachers and students is high if not carried out correctly and thoroughly.  


Fewer sick days and absences 


Dirty classrooms are a breeding ground for bacteria, which in turn can lead to the rapid spread of illnesses – particularly during the winter flu season. It is, therefore, vital for schools to be properly disinfected and sanitised all year round to prevent harmful micro-organisms from spreading around the building and onto furniture and equipment where they can be easily transmitted and cause an outbreak. This will help to reduce the number of absences due to sickness and improve overall attendance.


A good first impression


Every school wants to make a positive first impression to visitors and one simple way to do this is by ensuring proper hygiene and cleanliness. Poor hygiene in schools can be harmful not only to its students’ and teachers’ wellbeing but also to the school’s reputation. Equally, an environment that has litter everywhere does not set a good first impression for parents and visitors. 


Utilising a regular school cleaningcontract is crucial to ensure schools are thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis – including tasks such as vacuuming, sterilising surfaces and equipment, window cleaning, polishing and washing hard floors. While waste management services will keep the premises clear of any rubbish and ensure it is disposed of safely. 


Leave it to the professionals 

Our team at CleanKing may not be able to help you with every part of running your school, but we can ensure it is immaculately cleaned.The key features and benefits of our school cleaning service include:


  • We only deploy our own experienced cleaning staff who are all DBS checked
  • We only use cleaning products that are environmentally friendly
  • Our staff adhere to all relevant health & safety legislation
  • We hold full public liability insurance
  • We provide comprehensive support and management
  • We deliver a cost-effective solution
  • DedicatedSite Managers to ensure cleaning is conducted efficiently and around student curriculum hours

But most importantly, our school cleaning service removes the operations and administration headaches from schools who simply want to ensure a clean, healthy environment for their students and staff.We also offer periodic cleaning services during school holidays for those who want an additional service to standard term-time cleans. This could be anything from a deep clean and carpet cleaning to jet washing and window cleaning. 


To find out more about our school cleaning services and how we can CleanKing can benefit your school, please get in touch today.