This December, our Head Office team said goodbye to our Sales and Marketing Executive, Cindy Taylor. Cindy had worked with CleanKing for 10 years and provided the company with a significant amount of support, alongside a lot of laughter! 

To celebrate her 10 fantastic years in service, our team decided to write a blog about Cindy’s highlights and favourite memories of working within the company. 

Highlights and Memories of 10 brilliant years at CleanKing

One of the most rewarding achievements discussed, was being able to be part of the team that has helped CleanKing grow considerably to its current size. Seeing the company continue to grow in the way that it has in the 10 years of working within Head Office, will be an extremely proud accomplishment for Cindy. 

Whilst seeing the company grow over the years is certainly a positive highlight, Cindy outlined that one of the most important areas of her CleanKing experience was being able to work alongside some wonderful friends and colleagues. She noted particularly, that the flexibility and understanding continually offered by the management team at CleanKing had created a desirable and happy workplace for so many years.

The fantastic workplace described is further complimented by Cindy’s memories of terrific social events spent together as a team. From days at the races to river boat parties, Cindy recalled having many joyous memories of occasions celebrating and having fun with the CleanKing team. However, The Farnborough Airshow will always remain a special memory; a superb day filled with excitement observing elegant aircrafts and being able to watch the practice shows from the office windows in the run up to the event. 
To say goodbye, we gifted Cindy with a farewell card, beautiful flowers and a gift card. We cannot thank Cindy enough for her 10 years in service and we want to wish her all the best for her future!