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About Us

CleanKing is a privately owned dynamic cleaning company headed by Paul Hillman. He has over 20 years of cleaning expertise, and decided to incorporate CleanKing in 1999 after spending his former years sub-contracting to larger cleaning companies.

His role for these cleaning companies was to facilitate million pound cleaning contracts. This involved the initial staffing and management needs, and overseeing the day to day running of the contracts until the clients were happy that the contract was running smoothly.

The move to incorporate the company was to secure his own customer base, the value and service he placed on customers was not matched by the larger companies.

CleanKing has now grown to its present size and developed a large industrial division and a specialised restoration division. This has been achieved by providing high quality, value for money service often going above and beyond the “norm” for its clients. 2015 has seen the company double it’s turnover.

CleanKing’s strength is the companies diversity, not only can it clean your office on a daily basis but with it’s many divisions is able to cover all aspects of your cleaning requirements from window cleaning, carpet cleaning, kitchen deep cleaning, etc. and they even have a Restoration Division that can look after your specialised flooring, eg. Sandstone, terrazzo, wood and marble, thus making it the complete cleaning company.

The company covers the Home Counties and London, the industrial and restoration divisions cover the whole of England and Ireland. The passion and consistent approach to quality can be supported by the growing list of clients such as Homebase, Boots, Argos, JM Scully and many other satisfied customers.

CleanKing moved to their current office in 2011 and from the 1st October 2015 the company purchased the office block next door which will allow them to expand even further in the coming years. This year has also seen Stephen Rafferty join the CleanKing board, his background is running multi million pound cleaning contracts.

The aim of the company is to achieve a 10 million pound turnover in the coming years.

The hard working management style reflects through Paul and Stephen who are available to both customers and staff 7 days a week. CleanKing has built up a work force that is both loyal and professional, which is waiting to work for you.